Hey, I'm Dauss!

I LOVE people and our silly idiosyncrasies, our quirks and unique energies, and their lovely dance when they magically come together in moments.  I wholly enjoy saving those defining little stories in my images. I love that sparking moment a groom first sees his bride or catching a glistening tear welling up in her proud father's eye! I go nuts over the emotions, the fine details and colors, your fashion, and accessories! 

I'm a dad, artist, photographer, and your calming wedding day bestie!  A super nerd, drummer, and dreamer.  A drinking water advocate, tequila snob and Ice Cream Addict...Chocolate too! mmm, Debrand!! I'm an anti-planner and pro spontaneity, though my career dictates the opposite. Analytical, kinesthetic thinker - 87% Introvert, 13% weird. A shy geek and a smooth operator…HA!  I read a lot, I fidget and doodle. I'm awkward and silly, intelligent and witty, crazy, stupid and awesome! 

Capturing emotions, moments and memories in their delicate dance between light and shadow...

"Elegance and bliss converge in the contemporary camera work of wedding and fashion photographer Dauss Miller. 

Dauss captures the major moments and the slightest nuances of nuptials -- as if each wedding were a commissioned work of art. Renowned for his exquisite location shots, Miller draws inspiration from stunning landmarks and breathtaking natural attractions in and around Indianapolis and far beyond. Portrait and studio images bear equal bragging rights from this talented Indianapolis-based photographer whose work garners international attention in the publishing industry. His background in fine art and experience in high-fashion photography give DaussFOTO images a stylish sophistication unlike any other."

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